Lost: Daniel Faraday

January 14, 2009

(Indulge me. As we near the Season 5 premiere of Lost, I’m going to run through the current crop of main characters. There are spoilers.)

One of the stranger new characters on Lost last season was this guy, a physicist and mathematician who might have been the inventor of time travel. Or maybe he got the idea from Desmond. We’re still in the dark about all that.

When we first see Faraday, he’s sobbing while watching the discovery of the faux 815 on the TV news. Then he’s parachuting onto the island, armed and clearly not telling the truth. After hovering around the beach for a bit — always in his blue shirt and skinny tie — Faraday and Lewis got up to some no-goodness involving poison gas or something, but that was never really fleshed out.

Jeremy Davies, always a watchable actor, wears Faraday like an old corduroy coat. Like the other newcomers, Faraday’s role on the show suffered from Writers’ Strikitis. But he’s a regular this coming season, so that’s cool.

One odd tidbit: there was some talk that he might be the “Dan” mentioned in Season 2, the ex-boyfriend of Ana Lucia and father of her lost child. Seriously. Some lost fans thought Faraday and Ana Lucia were a couple. Try to picture that for a moment.


  • He’s older than he appears, if he was a professor at Oxford a decade prior.
  • What did he write in his notebook? If anything goes wrong, Desmond is his constant? Crazy. It would appear Faraday is also unlocked in time the way Desmond is.
  • He has two distinct personalities. Sometimes he’s weak, wimpy and confused, while at other times he’s cool, chilling and commanding. “I can’t really say that rescuing you people is our … primary objective.”
  • Faraday knows way, way more than he lets on. For instance, in the finale, he knew what Keamy’s secondary protocol meant.
  • But his memory is more swiss-cheesed than Sam Beckett’s; he often has no clue what’s happening, and seems to even forget his own name.


  • Lack of screen time, but that’s understandable.
  • It was never made clear why the castaways accepted him so quickly.
  • If the freighter is 80 km off the island, there’s no way Faraday was zipping back and forth in that little zodiac so easily. However, it appears later in the finale that the freighter indeed moved closer, but that’s never mentioned.

One comment

  1. Another Highlights> Faraday is his last name, you remember when Desmond build a catch lightning in the beach…maybe Daniel teach him how to build one.

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