Barack Obama: Superhero?

January 10, 2009

Much is being made this week about about-to-be President Barack Obama’s appearance in a new issue of Spider-Man comics. Spidey apparently rescues Obama or something, and then the two beat on bad guys. Sounds like fun.

Barack Obama reminds me of a DC Comics superhero, actually: a new character with an old, and kind of stupid, name. Mr. Terrific sounds like a bad wrestler, but he’s actually an incredible character and an interesting addition to comics. Not that I’ve read many of them. Who can afford comics these days? Six bucks each? Jesus. I used to get a quarter for my allowance each week; I’d buy a comic and a candy bar.

I digress. Mr. Terrific is Michael Holt, a brilliant scientist and investigator and member of the Justice Society, the original super-team. He carries on the legacy of an earlier Mr. Terrific, but isn’t much like him — except for the words “FAIR PLAY” written on their costumes. I never liked that part.

Let’s compare the current Mr. Terrific and the current Mr. President Elect:

  • Mr. Terrific believes in Fair Play.
  • Barack Obama ran a fair campaign.
  • Mr. Terrific has a weird black mask in the shape of a T.
  • Barack Obama drinks green tea.
  • Mr. Terrific is the leader of the JSA.
  • Barack Obama is the leader of the USA.
  • Mr. Terrific has two floating balls that serve as scanners, computers and communicators.
  • Barack Obama has a BlackBerry and Rahm Emmanuel.
  • Mr. Terrific has 14 PhDs and an Olympic gold medal.
  • Barack Obama will likely get an honorary PhD someday, and might get to go to the Olympics, too.
  • Mr. Terrific was urged to become a hero by that all-powerful being, The Spectre.
  • Barack Obama was urged to run for president by that all-powerful being, Oprah.
  • Mr. Terrific helped take out the evil satellites during Infinite Crisis.
  • Barack Obama wants to delay the digital TV switchover during the financial crisis.
  • Mr. Terrific fought Darkseid.
  • Barack Obama gave Rod Blagojevich a dirty look.

I call this one a tie. Both these guys are cool. You know who isn’t cool? This Mr. Terrific impersonator (below, left) and his buddies. Seriously, this is how we geeks get a bad name.



  1. Nice scowl, kid, but you weigh about as much as one of Superman’s calves.

  2. Oh, I just remembered something I saw at a comic book convention once. Two kids, at least one of whose mother was an excellent seamstress, were dressed as Batman and Robin. The costumes were very good, except that Robin had about six inches and 100 pounds on Batman.

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