Model Sues Google

January 9, 2009

Liskula Cohen, a Canadian model, has filed suit against Google in an effort to unmask the anonymous blogger who called her some nasty names recently. Cohen, 36, considers the remarks defamatory and says they’re hindering her ability to mount a comeback after her looks were damaged two years ago, requiring plastic surgery. (She was hit in the face by a booze bottle at a nightclub).

Whoever this blogger is, the blog is hosted on Google-owned Blogger.com, so Cohen and her lawyer want the net giant to reveal the person’s identity. So far, Google has refused, but a spokeswoman told the Canadian Press news agency today that if a judge tells them to, they will ID the bad guy.

Right on, Liskula! Clearly, Canadian models are smart and determined as well as beautiful. I have nothing but admiration for this strong-willed woman and her fight for justice. Also, I Google-imaged her and saw that yeah, she’s gorgeous, and there are also photos of her hugging David Schwimmer. She loves the geeks, too! She’s fantastic. As an anonymous blogger, I hope she doesn’t lump me in with that person who called her nasty names. I’m all about the love and positivity. Go, Liskula!

I’ll track this one and keep you posted.



  1. Somebody had better call the waaaaaaahmbulance. Oh, was sowmebwody cawlling you bad names, little girl? WAAAAAAAH.

  2. The best way stage a comeback is to try to sue someoen for defamation. I imagine she herself is this anonymous blogger.

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