Star Trek Props Displayed

January 8, 2009

Trekmovie.com has a report today on props from the new Star Trek film. Go ahead, check it out. Then come back.

The props in question are a communicator, what’s called a tricorder but clearly is not, and, uh, that little dildo widget that goes in Uhura’s ear.

I have a problem with this.

Take a look at the trailer again:

Notice how much J.J. Abrams changed? He has Pike knowing Kirk, he has the Enterprise being built on Earth, he has Kirk and McCoy going to the academy together, he has Chekov on the bridge … geez, he has the bridge tricked out like the cosmetics counter at a department store. Everything’s different, and we now know there’s a reason for that, but that doesn’t change the fact that radical changes were made to the TOS infrastructure.

So why did he keep the ear thing?

I’ve mentioned this before. And I stand by that. The ear thing looked stupid. It will still look stupid. In the 60s, it may have been a cutting-edge idea about the future. But in the 21st century, hey, we have smaller ones now.

Maybe it’s just a nod to tradition. I can accept that. But why this tradition? Why put a buttplug in a woman’s ear? If you’re going to have a James T. Kirk who can drive a stick shift, why not dump the stupid ear-gizmo altogether?

This has me so angry; I may only see this film 24 times, not 25.

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  1. Hasn’t the time line been altered by Nero though? I’ve always got the reason why Uhura had an ear piece but I agree it looks kinda silly… not sure what a futuristic headset would look like though.

  2. Everytime Uhura coems on screen Mandi says, “What’s with her stupid ear thing?”

    Didn’t you know McCoy had a lightsaber?

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