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Blog Stats in English

January 3, 2009

I am fascinated by my blog statistics. I like seeing who visits my site, who reads my writing, and how they get here. It’s not so much about the numbers as the geography.

This, though, has me puzzled: two people today visted via a search engine called When I clicked on the link, this is what I found:

Weather Station 1. I found rather this Weather Station 1 yours and I read it all day long and all in the daytime according to also.

Clearly some kind of computer-generated translation or something. But still funny.

For more in this vein, visit Engrish Funny.


Big Bad Hair: The Cult

January 3, 2009

Jakob and I took a run at The Cult in the 1980s on the latest episode of Big Bad Hair. It was hard keeping it concise, and there may be mention of tight leather pants. It’s really just two fans yakking it up.

One of these days, I’ll write a complete review of The Cult’s output. For now, this podcast will have to do. But it reminded me that, before the big disaster, I had a pretty cool Cult collection. It included:

  • Every album, EP and single on vinyl, including the Sonic Temple three-EP foldout holder, No. 753
  • Every single and EP on vinyl
  • The Rare Cult boxed set
  • The Singles boxed set (10 discs, very cool)
  • The Ceremony singles on CD
  • Tour shirts from 87 and 89, never worn
  • Programs from same tours, in mylar
  • Billy Duffy guitar picks from 89 tour
  • One cymbal from Ian Astbury’s tambourine, 89 tour
  • A pile of those square pins from the 80s
  • Commemorative Sonic Temple pin from Edie EP mail-in
  • The Cult: Tuning Room door sign from 89 tour
  • Electric promo locker poster from Love Removal Machine EP
  • She Sells Sanctuary single sleeve, which folded out into a band poster
  • Several autographed publicity stills
  • Shitloads of clippings, posters and magazines

… so it could be concluded that I like this band. Man, I wish I still had that stuff. I still have all the music on my iTunes, as my old iPod survived the sinking, but it just isn’t the same.