10 Ways I Am Like Obama

December 25, 2008
The resemblance is remarkable.

The resemblance is remarkable.

I’ve mentioned this before. The president-elect of the United States is a lot like me. So much so, in fact, that I was in the grocery store the other day and a little girl cried “Look, Mommy, it’s Obama!” She was pointing at a magazine cover, but it was clear she was inspired by my presence in the express lane, holding cheese, asparagus and a frozen pizza I later hid in the bottom of the freezer.

This got me thinking, and I finally realized I am a lot like Obama. Sure, there are the surface details — we’re both sons of African-origin fathers and white mothers, we’re both in our 40s, we’re both, uh, men. We both have all our hair. And, of course, we’re both, at this exact moment, technically, jobless. But it goes beyond that. Check this out:

  1. Obama is rumoured to like Star Trek and comic books. I like Star Trek and comic books! We’re off to a good start.
  2. Obama likes to listen to the Rolling Stones. So do I! His favourite of their songs is Gimme Shelter. That’s my favourite, too! He also likes Stevie Wonder! I told those bad Stevie Wonder jokes in the 1980s! This is eerie!
  3. Obama spends at least 45 minutes a day at the gym, working out. I used to work with a guy named Jim. Astonishing!
  4. Obama was famously photographed this week at the beach, shirtless, showing off his extremely fit physique and rippling abs. I also have rippling abs, and I also have a really flexible definition of the word “rippling.”
  5. Obama is an author whose books have topped bestseller charts and made him a millionaire. I am a blogger whose posts sometimes get six visitors a day, and I will soon be a millionaire (just looking for that one lucky scratch ticket).
  6. Obama started off the presidential race as a longshot, but triumphed through hard work, discipline and a steadily adhered-to policy of taking the moral high road whenever he could. I watched it all on TV. What a shocking coincidence!
  7. Obama left Hillary Clinton in the dust. I was once given an inflatable Monica Lewinsky doll as a gag gift. Wow!
  8. Obama ate John McCain for breakfast. I ate McCain hash browns for breakfast. What are the odds?
  9. Obama is so in-demand right now that leaders from across the planet are clamouring for a moment of his time. I get spam and scams from Nigeria, Bulgaria AND Jamaica. That’s just a spooky coincidence.
  10. Obama is about to become the most powerful human being on the planet. I am the most powerful human being in my basement … at least, until Mrs. Weathereye comes home.

So there you have it. Two men, separated by distance, together in their hearts. Counterparts, a border dividing them but a common life uniting them. Me. Obama.

Maybe I should run for the school board.



  1. I’d vote for you. 🙂

  2. By the same logic, I also highly resemble Barack Obama … go figure!

    But somehow I think you would be more likely to win an election than me 🙂

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