YouTube Got Wider II

December 8, 2008

Remember how I pointed out that YouTube’s window had suddenly gotten wider?

It seems to be part of a move to HD video on the sharing site. I decided to carry out some serious scientific and also YouTubic investigation of this concept, and after almost five minutes of research have determined that:

  1. YouTube’s flash video technology can support HD, given the increase in bandwidth offered by ISPs on a global level
  2. Viewers have tired of low-res fast-loading grainy home movie clips (and 10-minute segments of their favourite TV shows and/or movies).
  3. We can now all watch Digital Shorts in HD. Here’s one called Jizz In My Pants.
  4. Andy Samberg is pretty funny, but has weird hair.
  5. That video was kind of stupid, but funny. But also stupid. And I made up some of that sciencey stuff earlier.

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