An Email to Stephane Dion, From Sarah Palin

December 8, 2008

To: sdion@starwarsfanclub.com
From: governorsarah@gmail.com
Re: Ha Ha on You (Nov. 28, 2008)


Ha ha on me? Ha ha on you. I’m still govorner, in case you like didn’t notice, and now I’m readin hear on the TV news that you’re quitting just before you finally get to be president of Canada. And after all that backroom wheelin and dealin! You sure you aren’t some Republican in disguise? You get so, so close, and then WHOOPS!

People been making fun of my turkey video, but you know what? I don’t care. Eatin turkeys is part of the American dream, and anyone who thinks them turkeys just appear on the table need to learn something about good old-fashioned American slaughterhousing.

People are also been making fun of your video, and that’s more like it, because it was pretty stupid, Steph. Now you understand why you need people around you to say “maybe you better not talk to the public, Sarah. Or Steph.”

See, I came close, at least, and I lost because the people voted it so. You’re out because your own people want you gone, and that’s pretty major in the failure department.

So listen, once you’re gone, I hope you can take the time to head on up here to Alaska. Todd and me’ll take you fishing, treat you to a moose steak and we can talk about life in politics …. wait, no! Not a chance! Go back to France or wherever you’re from and quit bothering me, nerd.

Enjoy your forced retirement,


Still Govorner Sarah Palin
Govorner of Alaska

p.s. I heard you filmed your official address to the nation video with some kid’s cellphone. I didn’t believe that until I finally seen it.


One comment

  1. Jesus Christ, it does look like he filmed it on some kid’s cellphone!

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