If You’re Buying A Toy For A Kid

December 7, 2008

We took the kids to my mother’s government agency’s annual Christmas party for kids this weekend. There were probably about 400 kids there, and they each got a present. I always dread these kinds of things, because my kids are picky and mouthy, so I told them, going in: no matter what Santa gives you, you say thank you.

“Okay, Daddy!” they chimed.

So, first up was Weathereye 2.0., my five-year-old.  He received a large box, which looked promising. He opened it, and it was … a Rescue Tech set, one of several in the MegaBlocks line … and the only one he already had.

Next up: Weatherette, my seven-year-old daughter, who lives and breathes all things small, collectible and plastic (Littlest Pet Shop, etc.). She got: a box with Etch-A-Sketch, Slinky and a Yo-Yo, called “Toy Hall of Fame.” Instant downturned smile.

Finally, Weathereye Jr., my nine-year-old, who more than anything wants to grow up to be Rambo, but with parts from a Transformer. He got a two-pack of laser-guided Nerf pistols. He smiled ear to ear, because (a) I have a no-guns policy in my home and (b) I’ve already told him no matter, what, you take the present.

I was most worried about 2.0. He is prone to getting upset about silly things. But I quickly realized that he didn’t know he already had this toy (it’s an amazing toy, actually.) He figured it out on the way home, then surprised me with this: “Hey, now I have two!”

Weatherette griped about her lack of plastic pony/puppy all the way home, but once the box was opened discovered the sheer pleasure of these classic toys. She drew with the Etch-A-Sketch, slinked the Slinky and I spent way too much time teaching her the basics of Yo-Yology (she saw me walk the dog and rock the cradle (badly), and that was it — she was hooked).

Jr. displayed admirable responsibility with the pistols. He managed to avoid shooting his younger siblings for the rest of the weekend, and only got me once.

All in all, though, if you’re toy-shopping, the Toy Hall of Fame is a perfect purchase. If it can get Weatherette hooked, it can get any kid hooked.



  1. I’m glad Weatherette warmed up to the gift. My first thought at seeing that box was, “SWEET!”

  2. During the technical of Dirty Dancing someone handed out yo-yos; that yo-yo was responsible for saving my life (and sanity) 🙂

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