Lost: Season Five

December 5, 2008

With the Season 5 return of Lost just a few weeks away, my geek engine is in full gear. I’m kind of a big Lost fan, and unlike many people my passion for the series only grew last year.

When Mrs. Weathereye and I became an item, I had seen Season 1 but none of Season 2. So just after Christmas 2005, I bought the Season 1 box set and we had a wonderful wintry week watching that first year. She was hooked. I already was. But because of scheduling, etc., I was unable to watch Season 2 (on the air at the time) or Season 3 (when it began that fall.) But when Season 2 came out on DVD, she surprised me with it and we did the same thing, curled up on the couch, burning through it night after night. “One more episode? Okay!”

Season 3? Same deal. We watched it over the Christmas holidays last year. So when Season 4 was about to start, I hooked up a VCR and said “I want to see this as it happens.” Which I did. I’ll still get the boxed set when it comes out, but it was great to watch Lost again the way it was meant to be seen, show by show. Except the time the tape didn’t record past the five-minute mark, and I got to see Ben wake up in the desert, then static. That was some serious pissoffery.

At the tail end of last season, when the frozen donkey wheel was turned, Mrs. Weathereye said “Okay, that’s it for me,” and walked away from Lost forever. She’s actually thinking of writing to Abrams, Lindelof and Cuse to express her anger that such a good show would suddenly become (horror of horrors) science fiction! I guess I’ll be watching season 5 alone.

Lost is back soon. So far, some stuff has been released; don’t click on the videos if you’re avoiding spoilers.


One comment

  1. I’m afraid I made it only half way through the first season before deciding I was done. There were some seriously cool elements to the pilot episode and I loved the “what the hell is going on???!” stuff at first, but just before the midway point and that polar bear turned up because the boy was reading about it a comic… that was it for me. I realised that they weren’t going to reveal things just leave it one big “eh?!” for the entire show run. Maybe once it’s all over I’ll watch it on DVD.

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