Ha Ha, Sarah Palin, from Stephane Dion

November 28, 2008

From The Office of the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
To The Office of the Governor of Alaska

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Governor Palin,

As you can have heard, our governing party, the Conservative, risk falling just six weeks being elected in a Parliament of minority. If it arrives, it will be because of an alliance between my Liberal and the New Democrats. And if it arrives, I shall be the prime minister.

We should just forget that I lost badly in the course of this election and we should forget that I have already resigned and am because of this a lame duck as the leader Liberal. That is forgotten. If I pulling this off I will be prime minister and running the show.

This is a lesson for you: there is second chances in politics. For me, not for you. I bouncing back, you slinking away. Ha ha on you.

If I am winning this risk of move and being prime minister, please remember to be calling me whenever and if you are coming into Canada from Alaska to travel, because you needing my permission now. You should have been being nicer to me before when I write to you.



P.S. I am send earlier message again as I know you are forgetting lots of things. Here, here, here and here.


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