10 Reasons I Wouldn’t Enter This Contest

November 28, 2008
I dont know what kind of truck was involved in this contest, but I like this one. Its shiny.

I don't know what kind of truck was involved in this contest, but I like this one. It's shiny and would look very nice in my driveway, but I ain't entering no contest.

Two people just got out of a pickup truck after living in it for 55 days. This isn’t a story of homelessness and desperation. This is a story about a really stupid radio contest in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tommy Kempfer, 26, and Lisa Thompson, 40, had been living in the truck, each trying to outlast the other. On the line: a $30,000 vehicle courtesy of radio station WMAD-FM. The contest ended Friday when the station, concerned that neither Kempfer or Thompson was showing signs of leaving, offered them both $10,000 and called the thing a draw. They accepted, and are probably taking yet another shower as I write this.

“Both of us were ready to go home,” Kempfer told the AP, “but we didn’t want to leave with nothing after you put in that much time.”

This got me thinking, so here I offer you 10 reasons why I wouldn’t enter this kind of stupid contest:

  1. I have enough trouble sitting next to strangers at the movies, let alone in a confined space like a truck
  2. I can’t sleep sitting up
  3. There’s probably no Internet access, and that would drive me mad
  4. With my luck, the other person would be really into country music
  5. The only thing worse that starting to smell bad after a few days is sitting beside someone else in the same predicament
  6. Uh, how do I say this politely? Let’s just say the bathroom situation has me concerned.
  7. The daily updates on the radio would probably be a little embarassing
  8. My boss won’t let me work from home as it is — he definitely wouldn’t let me work from truck
  9. Mrs. Weathereye would spank me hard if I spent that much time with another woman in a confined space
  10. Confined space + farts = trouble

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