A Geek Goes Shopping

November 27, 2008
Sometimes, when I feel a little down, I look at this picture and then everythings okay.

Sometimes, when I feel a little down, I look at this picture and then everything's okay.

I stopped off at my favourite store this afternoon and bought a few things. Here’s a look at what Value Village yielded to the Weather Station 1 archives of geekery:

  • A copy of the trade paperback of The Death Of Superman, $3
  • A copy of Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, which I haven’t read in years but loved the first time I read it, on a Florida beach in 1989, $3
  • VHS copies of Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever, $1 each (I still have a VCR, eh?)
  • And the coup de grace: Season 2 of Diff’rent Strokes on DVD, still sealed, $14.

We’ve been watching a lot of Diff’rent Strokes lately, as I came into possession of Season 1 on DVD a while ago. It was really something to watch my three kids discover Gary Coleman, and it was wonderful for my lady and I to swoop back to our childhood. Diff’rent Strokes hasn’t aired on any TV station I’ve had access to since the early ’80s, so it’s great to watch a childhood favourite.

When my brother and I were kids, he looked just like Gary Coleman, and I was taller and skinnier, so we were often called Willis and Arnold. And we loved the show; thinking back, it was one of the few shows we agreed on. I don’t remember much about the later years, but that first couple of seasons was comedy gold, and it holds up well.

The kids laugh at Arnold’s antics, but they’re learning, too. As you may know, I am of mixed African, American Indian and Scots-Irish descent, so they are, too, and they’re just figuring that out. They have a lot of questions about the race relations issues on Diff’rent Strokes, and I’m proud to talk to them about the strides African-Americans made in the 1970s. Diff’rent Strokes was a big part of that.

So it was great to find Season 2 today. I can’t wait to watch it with them.

Oh, also at Value Village was a framed and mounted poster of Steven Segal’s The Patriot, which I’ve never seen because Steven Segal is shit, and this is from his “sensitive” period, which is even more shit.

But seeing it (I photographed it for you) made me wonder (a) who bought the poster and thought it should be framed and (b) why is it $24.99 at Value Village when the hand-painted picture of a cute puppy is $5?

So I asked the clerk. He looked at me sideways and said “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

No, he didn’t. I just wish he had.



  1. Mandi seems to have a laminart mounted poster of Love ‘n’ Sass in her bathroom. I would assume also a Val-Vil find. I’m a touch afraid to ask.

  2. That picture is now going out to everyone I know (thanks).

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