Josef Fritzl, “Buddhist”

November 26, 2008

Josef Fritzl says he’s converting to Buddhism. Reports out the Austrian jail where he’s awaiting trial indicate the dungeon-master pedophile rapist spends all his time studying the ways of the Far East and hopes to use his newfound peaceful spirituality to reconcile with his wife, Rosemarie. Something along these lines:

“My darling, I know I strayed, but I have found a new inner light and want to share it with you.”

This is the same guy who recently proposed turning the cramped three-room dungeon he built under his home in Amstetten, Austria, the pit where he kept his daughter and three of the children she had with him for 24 years, into a tourist attraction, charging admission fees and raising money “to help the family.” The family, which includes seven children with wife Rosemarie and six with daughter Elisabeth, said “no thank you.”

Nobody’s buying this conversion nonsense, of course, which leads me to the Weather Station 1 quote of the year, which came from one of the prosecutors preparing to put the pig away for the rest of his life:

“It’s a bit late in his life to present himself as a man of peace,” the unnamed lawyer said. “If he ever gets reincarnated, what would he come back as? Even making him a worm would be an insult to worms.”

Indeed. Fritzl is also reportedly terrified of going to a real prison after he’s sentenced, because there’s some kind of serial killer there who makes a habit of killing pedophiles and eating their brains, and he’s told authorities he has his eye on Fritzl.

Again, what exactly is the problem there?


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  1. Austrian inmates are allowed to prepare their own food?

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