Fireball Caught On Video

November 21, 2008

Some kind of meteor blazed across Canada’s western skies the other night. Experts think it exploded in the air, and the search is on for its debris.

Here’s a video, taken by an Edmonton police officer on early-morning patrol:

Here’s another one:

A lot of people on YouTube and elsewhere are calling this a UFO sighting, which it technically is: it was indeed an unidentified flying object. But that gets so out of hand. I saw lights in the sky outside just now, and I couldn’t tell you if it was the air ambulance helicopter, a small plane, a passenger jet or a saucer full of big-headed probers. That makes it a UFO.

I saw an actual flying saucer once. When my brother and I were kids, we were outside and saw a silvery object — it looked like two pie plates glued together — wobbling across the sky. We called or mother, who came and watched it with us. We couldn’t really tell how big it was or how far away it was; it might have been six inches across and 15 feet in the air, or a mile across and 100 miles in the air. Whatever it was moved really slowly and kind of wobbled.

Later, I went through a UFO phase where I read all those books about Roswell and Area 51. You know, like Above Top Secret and that sort of thing. But in the end, I just kind of wrote it off to hysteria/ball lightning/illusions/hoaxes, or maybe secret US government technology.

Here’s the weird thing: I once mentioned that UFO sighting to my brother, and he remembered it vividly, although we agreed it was likely some kind of homemade kite, or a weather balloon. But then it got weird; we said something about it to our mother, and she got all prickly and not only denied it had every happened … she got mad at us for making something like that up. Mental tampering? Memory reprogramming? Or just common sense?

The truth is out there.


One comment

  1. Sweet videos. I thought I saw a UFO as a kid, but then it started advertising for a local grocery store and I realized it was the Goodyear blimp.

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