Star Wars for Sale

November 20, 2008

Ann Roosenboom of Guelph, Ontario, is selling her roomful of Star Wars stuff, so you might want to take a look.

It’s quite the collection. She has vintage Kenner toys from the late ’70s, and newer stuff, too. One highlight, for me, is a vintage AT-AT walker toy; sale price, $240 (Canadian dollars). I wanted one of those as a kid but never managed to convince Mom, but that was okay, because I got a new stick that Christmas.

Rosenboom told a very cool and highly poetic writer for the Guelph Mercury that she and her husband want to move to a smaller home, so she just doesn’t have room for her Star Wars stuff … and, besides, she hasn’t added to the collection in years.

Also, she points out, she’s a pretty normal 52-year-old suburban mom, not your stereotypical middle-aged basement-dwelling toy-collecting geek (like, for example, me).

“I am from this planet,” Mrs. Roosenboom told the Mercury. “I don’t wear tinfoil on my head to keep ‘them’ from attacking my brainwaves.”

See? I am the only one.

Anyway, you can email Mrs. Roosenboom at starwarsfangirl@rogers.com if you want to ask her about buying some of her stuff.

And here’s the original article (with the killer headline “Are these the droids you’re looking for?”)


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