We Do Everything Bigger in Canada

November 16, 2008

This fish swims in our waters. Seriously. This is a news photo from this summer, showing (left to right) Stu Love, Zeb Hogan, and an unidentified fishing guide holding a white sturgeon caught in Canada’s Fraser River on August 24, 2008. The Fraser is a big, powerful waterway in British Columbia, and it’s where some of Canada’s best fishing is to be found.

I don’t fish. But I’m big on the natural world, and it’s one of the things I like best about living in Canada. For instance: I live in a medium-sized city, about the size of Albany, New York, or Cambridge, U.K. I live within walking distance of Wal-Mart, a major hospital, six fast-food places, city hall and the movie theatre. But I also live on the Trans-Canada Trail, which means I often come home to find a fox in my yard or a hawk on my garage. And the raccoons are a regular nuisance.

Part of my childhood was spent in Canada’s north, where it’s really remote, and bears and moose are regular visitors to the town. I loved that, too.

This giant fish you see up there, though, is a new one on me. Apparently they were almost extinct, until a conscious effort was made to bring their numbers back up.

I wish more people would take the effort to protect our world. Too many of us want the government to step in, and that’s fine; while the government (of my country and of yours, too) has a role to play, so does industry, but largely, the effort has to come from us. Everyone has to pitch in.

Like I said, I don’t fish. But my great-grandchildren might, and they might want to fish for that monster up there. I’d like fish like that to still be around.

P.S. our bears are 28 feet tall, and we have earthworms the size of cobras.

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