Star Trek Trailer: A Short Review

November 15, 2008

I’ll post a more indepth study of the new Star Trek trailer once it’s available online on Monday, but here are some quick observations based on my first viewing:

  • It looks farkin’ fantastic. Action, humour, thrills, epicity … this is the way Star Trek is supposed to be.
  • The new bridge is indeed bright and shiny and glowingly white. Of all the changes, that’s the hardest one to accept.
  • Is that the tail end of a transporter effect we see on young Spock? If it is, that’s really different, and I quite like it.
  • Bruce Greenwood is cool. He has always been cool, and he remains cool. Note: He’s Canadian, and that’s why. At first, I was not happy that he had been cast as Pike, as he is extremely non-Pikelike, and looks nothing like Jeffrey Hunter. But then I remembered what Hunter was actually like and said “I can live with this.”
  • John Cho does not look like Sulu. But that’s okay, for the same reasons I just gave you about Bruce Greenwood.
  • Karl Urban nails, totally nails, McCoy. I suspect this, not Pine or Quinto, will be the performance people are talking about once this movie opens.
  • Simon Pegg gets to be silly and funny, from the looks of his two-second appearance.
  • Young Spock is a pretty emotional guy, which fits with his early appearances in the series.
  • In the future, women still wear lacy brassieres under their Starfleet uniforms.
  • The Enterprise was apparently built in a field in Iowa, and young Kirk (Chris Pine is really growing on me) was there to watch. This is a canon violation, but I remain hopeful that J.J. Abrams addresses this in some way. Maybe what we’re seeing is a refit and not the initial construction, or perhaps Kirk’s actually in San Francisco, not Iowa. Or maybe it’s a different ship entirely. Anything can happen, right?

So far, so good. This is yet another example of why I think this movie may turn out to be the best thing to happen to Star Trek in a long, long time.

The best place to stay up to speed on what’s going on with this movie remains trekmovie.com. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, my deputy assistant flunky Chris P. Bacon, currently on patrol off the northern coast of Australia, says “Once again, the Kirk hanging onto the edge of a cliff isn’t William Shatner.” Bacon’s mind works that way.


  1. I was very excited all day Friday (when asked if I was happy after pre-set I said “it’s Star Trek Trailer Day!” and my co-workers spent the day smiling and nodding with that look of amusement and exasperation on their face). The trailer rocked, I can’t wait for the film… it’s not fair they moved the release date 😦

  2. After seeing the shaky, truncated, cell-phone recorded bootleg snippet of the trailer on line last night, I must admit, against my better judgment, I might just be getting a wee bit excited.(the ship still pisses me off, though)

  3. Lacy brassieres FTW

  4. MAN, I think folks will either hate or love this trailer…I’m in the love crowd (for the moment)…the simple fact here being, that this looks, like, a completely different version of Star Trek…a *drastically* different version…this to me is quite a bold move, fresh, and…I respect it. Hate or love it when the day comes that I see it…the respect will always be there for the effort to do a different thing with it. It may work, it may not work…it’s a risk, but you have to admire risk takers.

    All we know at this time is, that J.J. Abrams apparently is more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan, and that he also loves Galaxy Quest a lot. You can see in this trailer that that’s the case actually, but it’s also sort of Star Trek meets Mission Impossible meets Star Wars meets Galaxy Quest. I happen to absolutely love Galaxy Quest, so this is super cool that J.J. Abrams might have a similar feeling at times in his film…that he’s thinking this way is good to me.

    Galaxy Quest to me was very well made and very well meaning.

  5. “But then I remembered what Hunter was actually like and said “I can live with this.””


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