Best Rock Concert Photo Ever

November 13, 2008

This is a photograph taken by my friend David Rollins, a spectacular photographer and all-around excellent character. He shot this at a concert by the band Hedley, a Canadian rock crew led by Jacob Hoggard, who came in third on Canadian Idol one year. Yes, we have Canadian Idol, and we have for as long as there’s been an American Idol, but our first-season winner now works at Circuit City and the second-season winner is my dental hygienist. Not quite the same thing as Carrie Underwood, Clay Aitken and From Justin to Kelly.

Jacob jumps around a lot. This apparently came later in the show, and he was wearing a Superman costume; I want you to try to imagine how much I like this photo. A hard-rocking Canadian band with a flying lead singer in a Superman suit? If the bass player had shown up with Spock ears, I would have had to give up my career, say so long to the blogosphere and Deadhead this Hedley band for life.

Anyway … Dave shot a pile of great photos and put them on Facebook, so I am spreading the word. If you’re on Facebook, he has a group: Rollins Photography. Join; there’s a good chance you’ll see me there.

He also has a website.


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