Barack Obama, Comic Book Collector

November 10, 2008

You know, there’s something really different about this Barack Obama character. He’s about to make history, about to achieve a first in the history of the U.S. as the first … geek president.

Seriously. The president-elect of the United States of America, the Chicago lawyer who is about to become the most powerful human being on the planet, likes to collect comic books.

In particular, he likes Conan the Barbarian and Spider-Man. This is really cool news. I found it on a list of 50 things you don’t know about Obama.

This list also includes other interesting facts: he rarely drinks, he’s addicted to his BlackBerry, he uses a Mac laptop, and he owns several identical pairs of the same shoes.

We also heard last week that he might be a bit of a Star Trek fan. Apparently he made a Trek crack about his wife’s Starfleety belt buckle while on the campaign trail.

These are qualities that remind me of someone else I know … oh yeah: Me.

In other words, Barack Obama is a bit of a geek.

I like him more every day.



  1. Obama is a Mac user?! Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ!! If Rich ever gets wind of this we’ll never hear the end of it!!!! 😉

  2. Why, is Rich a Mac guy?

  3. Former President Bill Clinton collected comics into his college years as well. Though Obama still collecting them is probably a first.

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