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Robin Series Crashes to Earth

November 8, 2008

So, it looks like the CW’s planned new series, The Graysons, won’t happen after all.

You remember this. The network greenlit a pilot for a new show about the pre-superhero life of young Dick Grayson, called ‘D.J.’ in this version because the name ‘Dick’ is kind of not very nice. The show would follow the trapeze-swinging circus family as they travelled the land, meeting people and getting into adventures.

(We all know how that story ends, right? Because if you don’t, you’re not quite geeky enough to be hanging around the Weather Station. Sorry.)

Anyway, the CW network has killed the project, saying it doesn’t fit with Warners’ plans for Batman. Warners owns the CW and DC Comics, and therefore Batman. This is the second high-profile superhero project to die like this, although Aquaman made it to the pilot stage (if you haven’t seen it, check iTunes, because it’s solid and should have been a series).

The question now is this: what will the CW do when Smallville eventually ends? Because the end is coming. At some point soon, we’ll see Tom Welling in tights and cape, flying off to start his superheroic career, and the lights will go down on the CW’s flagship super-show.

My suggestions:

  • Revive the Aquaman concept
  • Give Aquaman/Smallville star Justin Hartley his own Green Arrow spinoff
  • The Inferior Five. Hey, it’s comedy gold.
  • A Blackhawks military action series
  • Young Ambush Bug In Love

I just wonder what Warners’ plans are for Batman. Could it have something to do with the third Christian Bale movie, which has to top the darkness of The Dark Knight? Maybe a light series about a kid in tights doesn’t mesh with that concept.

There’s also the  Justice League movie project to consider, too. That’s a spandex monkeywrench.

It just sounds to me like Warners/DC is all over the map with their superhero properties. They should really take a look at Marvel, which has collected its franchises (save for X-Men, Spider-Man and FF) and started linking them in a cohesive, coherent way.