Grey’s Anatomy in Space?

November 6, 2008

A new series, Defying Gravity, will be shot in Vancouver next year for a fall launch. The science fiction series will tell the tale of a team of international astronauts on Earth’s first exploratory mission into deep space.

We had this already. It was called Enterprise.

Oh, wait, this is mushier. You can tell, because it’s described as a “sci-fi relationship drama,” and it will star Ron Livingston, a fine actor who seems to specialize in playing boyfriend types. I’m guessing, from the scant details in the press release I just received, that he plays the studly American astronaut, Charles “Trip” Tucker III … no, sorry, that’s Enterprise.

Also cast is an actress named Florentine Lahme. I don’t know much about her except she’s from Germany, and if you Google her you see more of her than you should. Trust me, that photo down there was the safest one I could find. She apparently likes to strut around in revealing clothes, appear in magazines like Maxim and is a Vulcan … no, sorry, that’s also Enterprise.

Anyway, the show will follow the team as they deal with the isolation and dangers of the new frontier. There will not be any Ferengi, so explaining how they don’t actually see what they look like until centuries later will not be an issue.

I also predict a lot of mushy smooches, as the astro-team reportedly consists of four men and four women, and producers are James Parriott (Grey’s Anatomy) and Michael Edelstein (Desperate Housewives), so it will definitely have some fiery emotions, backstabbing, misunderstandings and some bumcracks showing, too.

There’s no mention of space battles or laser weaponry, which I take as a bad sign.

Hmmm, says here the show will hit airwaves in Canada, the U.K. and Germany, but no mention of U.S. airings, despite Fox TV’s presence in the production credits. Sorry, America. You’ll have to get your butt-cleavage-in-space fix somewhere else.

May I suggest Enterprise?


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