John McCain on SNL

November 1, 2008

Five things we now know about John McCain, after watching him open Saturday Night Live by pretending to be selling products on QVC, the shopping network:

  1. He’s really, really funny
  2. He can take a joke
  3. His wife could replace Vanna White, and should
  4. He has no illusions about what people say about him and his campaign, and thus was willing to stand beside Tina Fey on live TV and listen to her pretend to be a rogue Sarah Palin. Also, he gets how funny the word “maverick” is.
  5. He knows it’s over. Because he wouldn’t have done this if he thought he still had a shot.

Where was the real Sarah Palin? On the phone with the president of France.


One comment

  1. I second that emotion (-:

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