A New Level of Nerdity

October 22, 2008

A few months ago, I spur-of-the-momented and joined a Star Trek social network called trekspace.org. I’ve beamed in and out since then, usually just copying my Star Trek blog posts from Weather Station 1. All in all, though, I’ve paid it little attention.

I just checked back in after a few weeks and found I had an inbox full of messages. They were all from someone called Captain Solkar, and they are, without a doubt, the strangest communications I have ever received. They’re all over the map, but they seem to boil down to this guy wanting to see what everyone on the site actually looks like. The latest is this one:

  • In view of circumstances and I am giving to a point but, as a pastor, it would not be right to be a hippocrit; therefore, I am asking my friends to not use avitars or pictures other than themselves. We are Trekkers who are not ashamed or embarrassed by who we are. Therefore, in one week from tonite, any friends who use disguises will be rejected from my page.
    You are all wonderful and many have been supportive. I for one if I am going to have a friend, i at least want to be able to say a kind description that does not sound like a cartoon – to which Trekkers are not farces but beautiful people – or a movie star whose real name might be Leonard Sly (Roy Rogers).

At this point, he signs his real name, which I am not going to put here, because I googled him, and he is some kind of “street pastor” who speaks Klingon, and you don’t want to know any more about that. He can’t spell, either, and you know that’s kind of a priority for me.

See, this is how geekery gets its bad rap. For every normal, adjusted person like myself, there are 10 of these guys. I likes me my Star Trek. I collect action figures, Hardy Boys books and comics. But there are a lot of people in my life who don’t know that – because I don’t walk around speaking Klingon, and I sure as hell don’t tell people on an anonymous website that they better reveal their real names and show me a photo, or else.

So I’m sending a message to the captain, letting him know that it’s okay if he deletes me from his mailing list. If using real names to talk about imaginary people in an imaginary universe on an imaginary TV show is a priority for him … well, there are a lot of folks like him out there.


One comment

  1. I think I’m on trekspace, possibly with a picture of me in a Star Trek uniform. That guy has some… issues (other than spelling) and I imagine a lot of people had the same reaction you did to his message.

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