I Want To Eat The 20-Pound Burger

October 17, 2008

I really do. This guy did. He went to a restaurant called Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in New York State and ordered this behemoth, the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser, which weighs in at 15 pounds and features five more pounds of bun, cheese, lettuce and a cup each of ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo. I would hold the mayo, as I never touch the stuff. But the rest …oh, my beer barrel is rumbling as I write this.

Look at it. It’s perfect. It’s a cheeseburger that contains what looks like a month’s worth of food. Heavenly!

Earlier this week, Brad Sciullo, of Uniontown, New York, ordered the monster and then ate it. It took him four hours, but he did it, and won, uh, $400 and T-shirts. Hey, if you offered me $100 an hour to eat cheeseburgers, I would say yes, too.

Looking at this photo of Brad, I have to say: Lightweight. I could do it in three, or even two hours. So I’ve decided to start training now for a spring challenge. And by “training,” I mean thinking about eating burgers. And by “thinking about eating burgers,” I mean actually eating burgers. Do you know how many drive-thrus there are in this town?

One comment

  1. That would make a great new game show. Eat That Meal. Two contestants face each other over some freakishly huge entree and bid, ala Name That Tune. “I can eat that burger in 4 hours.” “Oh yeah? I can eat that burger in 2 2/2 hours.” Ok, eat that meal.

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