Today’s Morons: Those Obama=Osama Idiots

October 13, 2008

We go to the polls here in Canada tomorrow. And, typically, I’m thinking more about the U.S. election campaign, which is far more interesting and packed with glorious stupidity.

Chief among them are the morons who keep harping on Barack Obama’s name. His middle name is Hussein. You know what? Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have that name. My cousin is married to a pharmacist named Hussein, and that’s in Ontario. It’s just a name.

But that hasn’t stopped people from questioning Obama because of it. A woman told John McCain the other day “I read he was an Arab.” McCain, to his credit, shot her down ASAP, which serves as a reminder that the lying about tax plans aside, John McCain is a standup guy.

Anyway. The Hussein thing was bad enough. Then these racist barfs got on about Obama’s last name. Because, you know, you change one letter and you get Osama! Clever. That stroke of genius led to this example of rocket science:

The sad thing is, it’s still going on. There’s a blog devoted to proving that Obama was actually born in Kenya. Others claim he’s not technically a U.S. citizen because his mother was only 18 and living in Hawaii when Obama was born. Fact: Obama is American, as unusual as his upbringing was. Fact: Obama supported the amendment that allowed John McCain, who was born on foreign soil, to run for president.

On a website a few days ago, I found an article about this that featured a flyer nailed to telephone poles across New Jersey or somewhere like that. This moron suggested that no black-run country had ever succeeded, so electing Obama would be a mistake and plunge the U.S. into crisis. I have to ask: has he looked around lately?

And then there’s this fat old white guy, who brought a stuffed monkey wearing an Obama sticker to a Palin rally. Notice that when he realizes he’s been caught on video, he tears off the sticker and give the toy to a nearby kid, whose father later told reporters “Never saw him before.” The old guy, not the kid, that is.

I really don’t take a political stance. Twenty years in media teaches you to either be unbiased or appear to be, and I take that seriously. So when you read my posts about Sarah Palin, please don’t think I’m some rabid Obama-booster (there’s a web forum out there that links to my Palin stuff, claiming me to be some kind of moronic, semi-literate left-wing hack, but hey, it’s brought a lot of new readers here, so that’s cool).

This is, more or less, a humour site, although sometimes I get a little serious, like when I’m harping about racism, plagiarism or bad TV shows. Primarily, though, what I’m about is drawing attention to stupidity. I point out Sarah Palin’s shortcomings because I think she’s stupid, and I think putting her on the ticket was stupid, and I think John McCain was stupid for agreeing to it, now that we know the circumstances.

I also think Barack Obama was stupid for picking Joe Biden, who doesn’t bring the same oomph that the Obama front needed. And I think he’s stupid for smoking again when he’s on the cusp of something great. And I think he’s stupid for not putting his hand over his heart for those photos, reasons notwithstanding, because you just know someone’s going to make a big deal about it. When you have people questioning your patriotism, man, put your hand over your heart! Hell, wear a flag T-shirt everywhere you go.

One thing I don’t think is stupid is Obama’s name. It’s a fine African name, but in the end, it’s just a name. Anyone who tries to pigeonhole Obama based on his name is a moron. I mean, you don’t see people saying the same things about McCain. The man’s last name means “Son of Cain,” as in “Cain and Abel.” You know, in the Bible. And didn’t Cain commit the first murder, striking down his brother in a fit of jealousy? And didn’t he run off, and abandon his duties, and defy his father? And wasn’t he, all in all, the world’s first bad guy? McCain … Cain … Hummm, Are They Brothers?

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

I have some more to say about this


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  1. yeah it’s really ugly at those rally.)-: scary time for America. check out this post I wrote:


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