What Happened To Ian Astbury?

October 11, 2008

This is The Cult, with the Ian Astbury I remember, recognize, revere and rock out to:

And here he is on a recent Canadian “news” report:

I can’t even type anymore, I’m so bummed out.



  1. I saw this in February. Yeah, he’s really pussy-whipped. But at least he’s not dead from doing drugs.

  2. Cupcakes can be as bad as drugs, though. Now I understand why he ditched the leather pants in favour of the baggy sweatshirts and Tibetan skirts a few years ago …

  3. Damn, he was beautiful then, and still is.looks like he has that great body back, too. those cakes look good. maybe he has the same sweet tooth i have….

  4. I don’t see what’s wrong with him being sweet and nice in his private life… Everybody knows Ian Astbury is a open minded, sensible, witty, caring, generous human being… Don’t confuse rock vids with the real human person! He rocks, always and not a matter of weight, pants and such banalities… The Essence, his real self, his personality… he will always be charismatic and never, never, banal, not even when kissing his love… Actually they are a great couple, both artists, very spiritual persons and they are REAL… and not fake celebs looking for scandals. They love and respect each other. What’s wrong?

  5. What’s wrong? Cupcakes. That’s what’s wrong. Cupcakes and rock do not mix.

    • Gimme a break man, ‘cupcakes are wrong, they do not mix with rock’. Astbury still rocks and still has one of the best rock-voices ever. If you dont like to see him being ‘pussy-whipped’, just dont watch this and play his records! He is in balance: on stage rocking, off stage being himself and loving his woman. Cheers Ian!

  6. I hear ya, hehe, I was bummed as well, and I’m a chick! Cheer up, maybe it’s just a temporary phase, HA! maybe he’s just into it to get laid….though I would wish he had better taste in that, too, there must be plenty of hot, NICE, SINCERE, INTELLIGENT women out there, too, right…
    ..and to think I used to defend him when my punk friends razzed me about the cult….THIS is more morale-blowing……

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