Ryan Gosling, Green Lantern?

October 8, 2008

In darkest day … in blackest night … no evil shall escape my sight … let those who worship evil’s might … beware my power … Green Lantern’s Light!

Rumours coming out of Warner Brothers indicate the studio would really, really like to get Next Big Thing Ryan Gosling into the green-and-black tights of superhero Green Lantern.

This current script calls for the classic Hal Jordan version of the character — a heroic young test pilot who is given an alien power ring of infinite power, then becomes a member of a galactic “police force” of similarly armed aliens.

For a while, there was a Jack Black version being bandied about. That reeks of suck. Jim Carrey also wanted to do a Green Lantern riff back in the ’90s, and again, that didn’t happen. Over the last year we’ve heard rumours of Justin Long (uh, no), Seth Green (uh, super-no) and David Boreanaz (not bad) suiting up.

This is the best one yet, though. Young Hercules is a pretty fine actor, and if this script stays true to the Jordan character, Gosling would be able to pull of the heroics while also channelling some of the character’s inner demons.

There was a rumour a few weeks back that Gosling was up for First Avenger: Captain America, but guess what? He’s Canadian. Can you imagine the outcry?


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