Strong, Silent Type

October 7, 2008

The Premier of Ontario is a guy named Dalton McGuinty. (Premiers are like governors, for you Americans). He’s leading his second Liberal majority government, and is kind of a nerd. Liberals tend to be nerdy here in Canada. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, Dalton has a reputation for being cold and aloof. I think these two photographs illustrate that perfectly. These show Dalton being confronted by an angry anti-poverty activist in Kingston, Ontario, during last year’s provincial elections.

Notice how he doesn’t even bat an eye? He’s good at that. Picture after picture, video after video, Dalton McGuinty looks composed, collected and cool. He also looks like Norman Bates, but that’s a whole other thing.

As the U.S. race builds up steam, I think John McCain could take a lesson from Dalton McGuinty and learn how to stay cool under pressure.


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