Mangled Language (Mangluage?)

October 7, 2008

As you may know, I’m a newspaper editor. I work at a newspaper with a large staff, many of whom are just starting out. I’ve taught writing and critical thinking. And I have three little kids. So I deal with a lot of rookie writers.

Sometimes, when I’m just overwhelmed by the abuses young reporters can heap on this language of ours, I stop by this website for a chuckle. It helps remind me, too, that English is a difficult language to learn, let alone master — and that goes for people who’ve been using it all their lives, not just foreign types.

That would be how things like this happen:

Yes, English is funny.


One comment

  1. Bloody hell.
    That article hasn’t half got bad spelling and grammar.
    It’s almost as bad as mine.

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