Palin Kid Giving The Finger

October 5, 2008

This is a photograph of a Palin child, probably Piper, maybe Willow, perhaps Trickle or Snowshoe or Fire Patriot, giving another child the finger at some Alaskan event:

Another blogger has dissected this image better than I ever could. Check it out. And ask yourself this: Based on this, along what we already knew about Sarah Palin’s parenting skills, do we trust her to perhaps “mother” America through difficult times?

It has been suggested that this photograph may be doctored, and I’m willing to accept that possibility, but with hesitation, because my job involves PhotoShop, so I know a bit about it, and also I like to think the worst of Sarah Palin whenever I can.

The funniest thing about the reaction to this picture as it spreads around the Internet is how many people are shocked by that stupid jacket Palin’s wearing.

UPDATE: There’s more to this than meets the eye.



  1. if it is photoshopped, then it’s been done very well. I’d be shocked if I owned that jacket 0_0!

  2. Of COURSE it’s Photoshopped. The kid’s finger is longer than her whole hand! LOL.

    I’m more interested in the white shirt being worn by the person behind the bald-headed old guy. Check it out … it’s got a distorted smiley face and a burnt-mahogany Fender Telecaster plugged into an amp! Where do I get me one of those? (The shirt, I mean. I play a Strat.)

    And what’s with the black and orange band unies? Is this Oregon State or just another scarey spiced Palin Halloween?

  3. Uh… “LOL her fingers longer than her whole hand!” Wow, no way!!!! Stick out your middle finger and compare it to your fist. Bigger? SHOCKER!

    It’s real folks.

    Is it outrageous? No. They live in Alaska for F-s sake. Kids are nuts, and she’s batcrap insane.

    Is this still news?

  4. Sarah is smarter thsn the empty suit, and her kid is smarter than the empty suit.

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