What If the State Bird Had Been a Loon?

September 8, 2008

I cracked wise earlier today on a web forum in response to a post about Sarah Palin and the strange names she gave her children.

Here’s what I said: I suspect she chose the name “Track” because she is an avid snowmobiler and wanted to honour her beloved machines. Maybe she wanted to name him after another part of her Yamaha, like Ski. Ski Palin. “Nah,” she said. “Too ethnic.”

It wasn’t long before someone smarter helped me out with some actual facts:

From yesterday’s Sunday Times: When she and Todd married and started a family, they named their first child Track, after the track and field season in which he was born. Sarah’s father jokingly asked what they would have named their son if he had been born during the basketball season. Without hesitation Sarah answered: “Hoop.”

Their first daughter, born in 1990, was named Bristol after the ocean bay where they fished. Willow was born in 1994, named after willow ptarmigan, Alaska’s state bird. Their youngest daughter, Piper Indy, came in 2001. She was named after the Piper Cub that Todd flies and the Polaris Indy snowmobile he drove in the first of his four victories in the Iron Dog snowmobile race, a gruelling 2,000-mile run from Wasilla to Fairbanks.

She really did name a child — a little girl, all the more — after a snowmobile. Good god.

Sometimes I think I am very witty and clever. But when I am trumped by facts, I just shake my head and wonder about people’s judgement.

Read the article here


One comment

  1. What would make this a perfect story would be if the family dogs were named Rebecca, Mary, and Elizabeth.

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