Today’s Moron: Todd Meany, Fox News “Reporter”

June 20, 2009

As a print journalist for the past two decades, I have mixed feelings about TV reporters. I’ve known some who were the real deal, but I’ve known others who were hired for their looks and presence, not their ability to, you know, like, be, like, journalists.

And then I heard about this guy, who reports for Fox 8 in Cleveland. I won’t say much more. Just watch the clip.

Journalism is in a rough state these days, whether it’s print or broadcast. It’s tough enough being taken seriously as a reporter when front pages are for sale to advertisers and job cuts have left newspapers and broadcasters scrambling to offer basic community coverage. This kind of report, which is fine for a comedy show or a kids’ program, fails its viewers.

And people wonder why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are being treated like actual journalists …

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  1. OK, we’re seeing this on vacation. On one hand, it is nice to get some local news from down here in Florida. On the other hand, vicious headslap to Fox News 8 (again).
    These are the people who ran the story about a customer sewing a stipper for lactating on him during a lapdance … so grade on that scale.

    My daughter says maybe we should just stay down here, refusing to return to northeast Ohio out of embarrassment. (She hasn’t been in Florida long enough, I’d say.)

  2. I love this report. Fox 8 is the best news channel out there, and this clip and Todd Meany as well show they have a sense of humor and know how to have fun. People from Cleveland/North East Ohio appreciate this as well as Fox 8 and their entire staff of news reporters!

  3. In my opinion, Todd Meany is an idiot. I watch Fox8 news, and I just love most of the other reporters on that station. This guy just loves attention. He thrives on it. I really don’t know why they put him on the air. Make him go out and do some real reporting. Just don’t put him in front of the camera.

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